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  • How long has Alameda Market been in business?
    We have been serving you since 1990.
  • How often do you get meat product deliveries?
    We receive meat products daily, except for weekends and holidays
  • Are you meat products grass-fed from local farms/distributors?
    Most of our meat products come from local distributors. Our Prime Beef is aged 35 days and 100% grass-fed. We also carry Wagyu 100% grass-fed Beef.
  • What kind of products do you carry?
    Please refer to our website ( product list for a full listing of our marinated and non-marinated meat choices.
  • What is considered organic meat?
    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, organic meat comes from animals fed organic feed, not given antibiotics or hormones, and allowed to graze in open pastures similar to the animals' natural living conditions. Organic feed given to these animals is grown in soil that's free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.
  • Are your meat products good?
    Our meat is great because we start with the highest quality prime beef and exceptional cut choices which come with maximum flavor and tenderness. We only use premium quality products to delight our customers.
  • Does you meat come fresh or frozen?
    Most of our meat products (i.e. Beef, Chicken and Pork) arrive fresh
  • What are your top selling products?
    Korean BBQ (we use organic prime center cut meat with marbling for maximum flavor and tenderness and we marinate with our special house-made Korean sauce) Ground Beef (we use grass-fed chuck 85% lean) Spicy Organic Chicken Breast (tender and full of flavor) Hot Wings (we recommend grilling for faster cooking, plus it adds flavor) Pork Belly with our house marination Marinated Pork (i.e. baby back ribs, pork chops, pork loin) Wild Caught Salmon with Saffron Spicy Tiger Shrimp Beef Shish Kabobs (selections include: Organic Prime Flap meat, Choice Beef Tenderloin and Australian Wagyu beef) French Style Lamb Chops are out of this world
  • What is the grading factor on beef?
    USDA carries several grades of beef products to determine the meat quality – the higher the grade the better the quality in terms of taste and tenderness. The top four beef choices are listed below: 1) Wagyu Beef – considered an art in beef selections, extra marbling adds extra flavor 2) Prime Beef – grass-fed high marbling for better taste 3) Choice Beef – moderate marbling adds taste 4) Select Beef – fairly tender
  • What are the best steaks for grilling and cooking?
    We have a variety of steaks that can be prepared to your liking. We carry Prime Rib-Eye (bone-in or boneless), Wagyu Beef, Premium Quality Filet Mignon and High Quality Skirt Steaks; all can be grilled, pan cooked or oven roasted.
  • What is the best way to prepare and cook a steak?
    Before cooking or grilling bring the steak to room temperature. To cook or grill, sear on both sides for two minutes on high heat on each side and continue to cook/grill at medium heat to the desired doneness level (see question #12 for temperature levels)
  • How to check a steak for "doneness"?"
    Why take any chances? Get a digital thermometer. Insert probe horizontally from an outside edge rather than straight down from the shallow end Very Rare: 115 degrees Rare: 120 degrees Medium-Rare: 130 degrees Well Done: 145 degree Note: For best results allow meat to rest for approximately 5 to 10 minutes after removing from the heat (meat temperature increases 5 to 10 degrees during the resting period)
  • How spicy hot are your Tiger Shrimp, Hot Wings and Chicken Breast?"
    If you normally eat spicy food you will find the spicy level a medium. If you don’t eat spicy food the spicy level will be high.
  • Do you carry Wild Caught Fish?
    We normally carry Wild Caught Salmon marinated in Saffron sauce.
  • What is the best way to thaw frozen meat?
    The safest way to thaw meat is to plan ahead and place the product in refrigerator one day before you cook, bake or grill. Never leave the frozen meat in room temperature to thaw. If the frozen meat is for same day use, place in large container under cold running water until it thaws (approximately 20 minutes).
  • How long can meat be kept refrigerated?
    Meat should not be kept in the refrigerator for more than three days.
  • Are advance orders needed to guarantee availability?
    Yes, please place orders 1-2 days prior to the pick-up date.
  • Does Alameda Market Cater?
    No, catering services are not available.
  • Do you sell the sauce you use to marinate?
    Our marinated sauces are not available for sale.
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